An International Trump

What does Trump think he’s doing? I mean, honestly dude, you can’t just call the leader of Taiwan without expecting China to be ALL OVER YOU. Do you want World War III? This is how we get World War III. Trump’s lack of ability to understand even the most basic tenants of diplomacy is really going to make foreign affairs rough for America in these upcoming years. If there really is a destabilization of NATO and other similar alliances, there is going to be a place for Russia, China, and their allies to move in and upset Western democracy as the global ideologic hegemon. While that might not be the worst thing, it will almost certainly involve an unnecessary loss of life. Trump doesn’t seem to understand the gravitas of his situation, nor is he able to comprehend how his personal actions can possibly affect the lives of our service men and women overseas, in addition to our lives here at home. International Relations and International Studies professors are going to need to write new books and teach new classes about what it means to work in the Foreign Service under a Trump presidency, because this is certainly not the world that we thought we lived in. I am perhaps most scared for our European allies who rely on our support in order to stave off threats that are geographically closer to those nations and who are now being told that that support comes with a price. Sooner or later, Trump is going to need to recognize that diplomacy, and governance, is decidedly different from the art of business. However, if his success in the latter is any indicator, he may not learn his lesson regarding the former anytime soon.

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